CIS Faculty Podcasts

Are you curious about CI faculty research projects?

Join the Faculty Director of CIS and a student intern at Dolphin Radio as they sit down with faculty members from across campus to learn about their research projects.

Each podcast highlights a specific project, bringing students and faculty together to learn about the wealth of inquiry on CI’s campus and to open doorways to future collaborations.

Latest Posts:

  • De-stigmatization of Cannabis Consumption
    In this study, Dr. Ekin explores the process of de-stigmatization in the context of cannabis consumption, particularly in legal markets…
  • Social, Demographic, and Economic Changes in Ventura County with Dr. Luis Sanchez
    In this week’s episode, we talk with Dr. Luis Sanchez about his research project which takes a look at the social, demographic, and economic changes within Ventura County over the past 40 years in hopes to create an accessible and public story that the lawmakers and citizens within the county can learn about the history of places that they call home.
  • Interview With Dr. Gareth Harris
    In this week’s episode, we sit down with CSUCI Assistant Professor in Biology, Dr. Gareth Harris, and bio student Nina Scallis to talk about their research into worms with brains and nervous systems which they presented during the 2nd Annual World Council on Undergraduate Research (World CUR 2019) with three other CI undergraduate students on May 23rd-25th 2019 at the University of Oldenburg, Germany.
  • Production and Technology Within Performing Arts with Heather Castillo
    In this week’s episode, CSU Channel Islands Performing Arts Professor Heather Castillo sits down to talk about the work that went into the production of her take on the broadway classic Matilda using students from CI and the surrounding area as well as sharing interesting takes on the integration of technology within performing arts.
  • The Integration of Extended Reality (XR) with Jaime Hannans & Colleen Nevins
    The integration of Extended Reality (XR), in the Nursing program offers immersive simulated experiences for students to see, hear and feel what it is like to go through a disease or situation as a patient or family/support individual…
  • The Alhambra Source Research Project with Nancy Chen
    Representative of an emerging type of multiethnic American communities, Alhambra, California is characterized by an increasingly diverse population and low levels of civic engagement (as measured by neighborhood belonging, collective efficacy, and civic participation)…
  • The ‘Hyde Amendment’ and the Modern Congressional Appropriations Process with Sean Q Kelly, Ph.D.
    The landmark 1973 Supreme Court Decision Roe v. Wade held that state laws criminalizing abortion except when medically necessary are an unconstitutional invasion of privacy. Pro-life forces immediately sought a constitutional amendment to overturn the Court’s decision…